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Depositing to a Bitcoin casino is easy, but it can seem difficult if it’s your first time. There are two methods a casino can implement: In order to turn browse this site this to their advantage, casinos need to be fast moving to position themselves most effectively for bitcoin gamblers. There are already a number of well established niche services which support bitcoin, either exclusively or alongside their regular roster of payment methods. This is now spreading across the more established players in the market, but it could still take some time for the giants of the industry to get on board. Currently, at PartyCasino we do not have Bitcoin deposit or withdrawal options, however, it could be a method we integrate in the future. It was one of the first sites that we reviewed here at CoinBuzz and we were very excited at the time. BitStarz essentially set the benchmark for us and created an example against which we have compared all other casinos. Initially, we loved the site but after reviewing more and more online casinos, including incredibly disappointing sites like wCasino, we realized just how brilliant it was compared to the competition.